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The #1 Guide to Packaging for Food Delivery Service

 CT Foodware Guide to Packaging for Food Delivery Service


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The demand for food delivery service continues to surge, with a global growth rate expected to remain high at 9.9% per year until 2023 as many tech-savvy, time-poor customers look for convenience and luxury when it comes to eating outside of restaurants. Protecting the integrity of food once it leaves the kitchen is vital, and the right packaging solution can help ensure that chefs have control over out-of-restaurant dining experiences. Cost-effective, functional, and easy-to-use paper food packaging for both in-store and home delivery orders is essential.
At CT Foodware, we understand the needs of restaurants when it comes to providing quality delivery experiences and wants to help you reignite or refresh your food offering with our packaging solutions. This guide offers tips and tricks for those looking to maximize their food delivery potential.

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Guide to Packaging for Food Delivery Service 

Preparing your menu for takeout & delivery

When deciding which items to offer for food delivery, it's best to create a simplified menu featuring dishes that will retain their quality throughout the delivery process. Once you have determined your takeout and delivery offerings, carefully select the packaging that will help ensure customers receive their food in perfect condition. After all, first impressions are everything — so be sure to choose packaging that best reflects the deliciousness and quality of your food.

Did you know that some types of food packaging are much better at protecting food integrity than others?


Eco-friendly food packaging

Eco-friendly food packaging is a great way to show your customers that you care about the environment. With localized plastic bag bans and other initiatives to reduce single-use plastics, it's important to know how laws may affect the type of packaging you choose. Eco-friendly, recyclable, or compostable packaging can make ordering food for delivery a greener experience.

Tip: If your business is focused on health, use eco-friendly packaging from sustainable sources to let your customers know you care about the environment. Plate up your food in eco-friendly packaging to make a difference.


Branding means business

Packaging is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers.

 Tip: Good food deserves good packaging. Remember to incorporate custom print options - you could include one item with custom print and the rest with plain packaging to share your brand or message.

Remind your customers of the restaurant atmosphere while they unpack their food with easy branding techniques, such as stickers and stamps. Utilize packaging to create an unforgettable first impression and showcase your brand. This is a great opportunity to make a statement about who you are! With the right packaging, your delivery service can make a lasting impression that will keep customers returning for more.


Value for money

How much profit do you anticipate earning from food delivery? How will your investment ensure the quality of the food and your brand identity remain intact? Consider cost-effective solutions such as items that can be used for multiple purposes (e.g., a bowl for soup or sauce).

TIP: Use packaging products that present well in-store that can also be used for takeaway/delivery. For instance, printed burger wrap can be used for food presentation in-store, wrap food, or line a carton for delivery.


Perfect the presentation, and educate the staff

Use packaging samples to examine how your food fits in the container and guarantee it will remain safe during transportation.

TIP: Create a reference photo of the final product's appearance before departing from the premises.

Have an efficient packaging solution that can be implemented easily. Make sure that everyone handling the food knows how to package it correctly.


Entice your customers with something special in their delivery.

Upgrade their experience by adding a complimentary after-dinner mint, a personalized note from the chef, or more information about your food. And remember: make it easy for them to clean up any mess with ample space for scrap disposal - especially when serving dishes like chicken wings and ribs.

TIP: An extra touch will create an unforgettable delivery experience for your customers.


Protect food integrity

When the food delivery arrives at its destination, you need to be confident the packaging will have done its job. It should fit the food, not vice versa. The packaging should be sturdy enough to repel grease, contain heat, and prevent sogginess for hot food items like fried and crispy foods. Consider adding a wrap for extra protection against oil. Vents or breathable materials might be necessary too. For cold food like rolls and sushi, use packaging with a food-safe polyethylene lining to preserve the edibles and avoid grease stains. If it's going to be chilled, ensure the container is freezer-safe. To help customers eat straight from the package, consider flatter, wider containers that make it easier to plate the food and show off the ingredients.

TIP: Test the first few deliveries on friends to ensure the food arrives in its original delicious state.


The delivery experience is an extension of the restaurant.

View the delivery through the customer's eyes and ask their impression of your business. It must be attractive enough that customers will feel it is worth ordering from you rather than going to an actual restaurant. Having messy or unappealing packaging can give off a negative vibe about the food that nobody wants. You want customers to remember their joyful experience with you and be likely to order again. Your packaging is your first chance to tell customers about your restaurant – what it stands for, the quality of the food, and even menu details.

TIP: Make your food delivery packaging unique and memorable with custom printing! Reinforce branding messages and tell stories about the quality of ingredients, the skill of chefs, and even menu information. This will give customers a more enjoyable experience and encourage social media sharing when they post images of their Instagram-worthy meals. Remember to include your social media handles on your packaging for added visibility.


CT Foodware Guide to Packaging for Delivery Service outlines all the necessary information about paper food packaging. Get creative with your food delivery packaging and deliver an experience that customers will remember!

Get ready to up your food packaging game with CT Foodware!

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