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Your Trusted Food Packaging Solutions Partner in Singapore - CT Foodware


Your Trusted Food Packaging Solutions Partner in Singapore - CT Foodware 

At CT Foodware, we are more than just a food packaging supplier and wholesaler. We are your strategic partner, dedicated to revolutionizing eco-friendly food packaging in Singapore's bustling F&B industry. We cater to Singapore's F&B, hospitality, and food service industries with premium eco-friendly food packaging and takeaway containers. We balance high-quality, sustainable packaging at the lowest price possible, making eco-friendly options accessible to all businesses and consumers. This commitment positions us as a preferred provider in the industry.


Our Eco-friendly Food Packaging Collection

Food Containers, Boxes & Trays: CT Foodware offers high-quality, eco-friendly takeaway food containers, bento boxes, and trays. Perfect for dine-in, takeaway, or food catering. Our kraft paper takeaway packaging provides a sustainable, stylish, and practical solution for food presentation. Designed with cost-efficiency and sustainability in mind.

Paper Bowls & Soup Tubs: Discover CT Foodware's eco-friendly paper bowls, soup tubs, and plates designed for Singapore F&B. Made from responsibly sourced premium Kraft paper, they are leakproof and keep meals warm, making them ideal for serving all kinds of food. They perfectly blend cost-efficiency, functionality, and style.

Premium Paper Cups & Cup AccessoriesCT Foodware is the preferred choice in Singapore for premium paper cups and cup accessories. Designed for both style and sustainability, our paper cups are perfect for all beverages. Our range includes single wall cups, double wall cups, and ripple wall cups with different types of cup lids and accessories.

Disposable Cutlery & Paper Bags: CT Foodware is Singapore's premier supplier of eco-friendly disposable cutlery and paper bags for food service. Our compostable and biodegradable products, including spoons, forks, chopsticks, and kraft paper bags, enhance your brand's environmental commitment. Choose quality and sustainability with CT Foodware.

Disposable Food Packaging: CT Foodware is your one-stop shop for premier, eco-friendly disposable food packaging and takeaway containers. We offer a wide range of food containers, bowls, cups, bags, and eco-cutlery for the diverse needs of the Singapore F&B industry. Our disposable food packaging is cost-effective and sustainable, blending innovation with affordability. Explore our sustainable disposable food packaging options in various shapes and sizes, or select bespoke tailored solutions designed to elevate your F&B business.


Branding and Customization Mastery

Our bespoke customized printing services allow you to share your brand story with the world. Showcase your culinary creations with custom print packaging that aligns with your brand's identity, enabling you to promote and expand your business. Creating a unique impression can enhance your customer experience and leave a lasting impact on them.


Partnership and Collaboration

We build trusted relationships with premier eco-friendly packaging products and services. You can rely on us to deliver the trending and evolving food packaging needs of the food and beverage (F&B) industry. Our team of experts specializes in packaging, design, and environmental sustainability. We are dedicated to working with you throughout the entire process of selecting the perfect packaging or custom food packaging solution for your specific needs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that your packaging aligns perfectly with your brand and business values. With CT Foodware, you can focus on expanding your F&B business while we take care of all your food packaging needs. Don't just choose packaging; choose a packaging partner.



Offering a flexible supply chain designed to meet our partners' unique food packaging needs. With an agile approach, a dedicated sourcing team, and products manufactured in a few countries, we can provide reliable storage and ensure on-time delivery for all our valued partners. We are committed to working closely with our partners to deliver professional service and support for your food packaging needs.


Take the Next Step Towards Sustainability

Elevate your food service business with CT Foodware's eco-friendly packaging solutions. We can help you meet your sustainability goals while enhancing your brand's visibility and customer engagement. Contact us today to learn how our innovative Kraft paper food packaging solutions can support your growth in the food and beverage industry.

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