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CT Foodware is a leading provider of eco-friendly paper packaging for the F&B and food service industry. Our passion for sustainability and protecting the environment drives everything we do, from sourcing sustainable materials to creating innovative food packaging solutions. Our eco-friendly kraft paper food packaging solutions are designed to make it easy for restaurants, cafes, and catering services to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing quality, convenience, and cost-effectiveness.


CT Foodware - Your #1 choice for Eco-friendly Food Packaging - SG

We understand that restaurants and cafes serving diverse cuisines may need specific packaging solutions. Therefore, CT Foodware offers eco-friendly food packaging products in various shapes and sizes, including dine-in and takeaway containersbowlspaper cupscutlery, and other items. Our products significantly lower the environmental impact, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional plastic and styrofoam packaging. Our versatile and functional kraft paper food packaging allows customers to enjoy delicious food without worrying about environmental pollution.


Our commitment extends beyond selling products. We foster a community of sustainable living. Our experienced team is always available to answer questions, offer customized solutions, and share insights. Explore the latest sustainable packaging news, trends & events on our blog.


You can also elevate your brand image with our custom design services. Our bespoke custom print designs will help increase your brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on your customers. We are happy to collaborate with you to find the perfect solution for your food packaging needs.

Let's work together towards a greener future. Get in touch with us today!


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